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I’m excited to announce the launch of my new novel The Motorcycle & The Molecule, a comical insight into intentional communities, international travel & alternative styles of living.

Mayan rulers, janky motorcycles and mischievous beavers all make an appearance in a tale inspired by an overland expedition through Central America. From a troubled community in the wilderness of Oregon to the ruins of Tikal, and from the beaches of Nicaragua to the jungles of Costa Rica, follow me along roads less traveled as I encounter an array of unforgettable characters, unconventional communities and uncomfortable ceremonies, all while leaving a trail of benevolent mischief sprinkled in my path. 

I’m currently accepting pre-orders for a limited run of signed, first edition books, as well as the ebook & audiobook versions … scroll down for book excerpts & audio. Shipping in January 2020!

UPDATE: Thanks to YOUR help I have already raised over $6k in pre-orders! These funds are paying for my final editing costs (editor, graphic designer, printing & postage etc). Choose from the options below to pre-order your copy 🙂

  • A limited first edition, signed copy: $30
  • The ebook version: $15
  • The audiobook version: $20
  • THE FULL PACKAGE! All of the above: $50
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I’m offering one hour calls on ANY topic you like! Sign up here and I’ll contact you to schedule a time that works for you. You’ll also get a limited edition, signed copy of my new book, as well as the ebook and audiobook versions 🙂


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  • Community living & co-owning property
  • #vanlife, psychedelics, creativity, non-monogamy, sexuality, self-love, meditation, trauma, dealing with crazies & and more!

Looking for a little slice of nature?

I provide tailor made, curated experiences such as visits to Trillium, the wilderness community and retreat center where I live in southern Oregon, as well as other custom adventure tours on the west coast of the US.

Book Reading: Prologue & Tikal

EXCERPT: “And that’s when the full humor of the situation hit me. Here we were in plastic ponchos, every color of the goddamn rainbow, slipping and sliding on the ruins of a culture that had collapsed due to climate change, environmental degradation, overpopulation, overconsumption, brutal infighting and war-mongering, and finally the sheer weight of its own bloated, ineffective governance… And that was all before the Spanish arrived to finish the job. Sound familiar? You’re damn right it sounds familiar, Rodrigo! Here we are raising our eyebrows over the exact same issues that we are facing in our own culture, and watching these amorphous blobs of purple, yellow, pink and blue, staring wide-eyed and taking pictures like the whole scenario was so completely alien to them seemed pretty damn funny right now. “

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