Amazon Launch & Social Distancing Special!!

Something EVERYONE can agree about!

The best part? My book is 100% virus free!

Do you need a break from the COVID-19 chaos? Personally, I’m pinballing between laughing at endless viral memes and wanting to crawl under a disinfected rock for the foreseeable future. YES, we might be in the grips of a slowly unfolding societal and economic train wreck BUT I’ve got some good news! I never mention the virus ONCE in my book—not once—GUARANTEED! 

To celebrate this book’s (questionably timed) Amazon launch I’m GIVING AWAY the audiobook & ebook with every purchase 🙂**EARLY REVIEWS—that I didn’t write—BELOW!**

To get your free ebook & audiobook just contact me after you purchase the book and I’ll send you the download links. Finally, if you don’t want to support Amazon, you can buy signed copies directly on my homepage.

Stay safe, stay healthy & stay hopeful!

“Buy the ticket, take the ride…This adventure story is well told, funny and mind expanding. The molecule in the title is LSD and that should tell you everything about how sideways some of the adventures go. The book is heartwarming and fun with endearing characters and some tense moments. I highly recommend this book to fans of: Kerouac, Hunter S. Thompson, travel diaries, Albert Hoffman, sex, ice cream and laughter.”
“Have you ever wondered what would happen if “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, “On the Road” and “The Motorcycle Diaries” had a bastard love child? Well wonder no more…Dougie Lux’s debut memoir “The Motorcycle & The Molecule” is a gonzo, psychedelic (and cacao) fueled romp thru the wild frontiers of intentional communities, polyamory and Central America. Lux’s book moves fluidly between hyperbolic autobiography, travelogue and social commentary and his prose are fluid, self reflective and filled with a joie de vivre that jumps off the page. Dougie’s clear zest for adventure and willingness to lean into the uncomfortable makes him a worthy guide to follow into the strange confluence of cultures and sub cultures that he explores with self deprecating humor and grace in this his freshman novel. Just like Dougie on the back of his trusty (kinda) motorcycle, I am so happy I took the ride!”