Adult Storytime with Dougie Lux

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  • Holotropics, Tantra & Blissballs
    After a brief summary of the last month and a half of social distancing, I launch into a magical tale from the small lakeside town of San Marcos La Laguna in Guatemala, land of tantric body massage, holotropic breathwork and blissballs. If you enjoy this story, then please subscribe on any of your favorite podcast outlets. … Read more
  • Just Belize In Yourself
    “Everyone needs a little loving, a little regular physical touch sometimes, you know?” Once again I was on a boat, lamenting my shadowy feelings to my new Canadian friend, Brian. “True. And yet some people seem to need it more than others,” Brian said with a hungover slur. He might be young, and he might … Read more
  • The Unicorn Candy & The Virus
    The day started off like any other pandemic day might, rifling through an old Burning Man box to see if I had any spare N95 masks to donate to our sparsely stocked hospital. I didn’t find any masks, but I did find a small envelope mysteriously labeled “Unicorn Candy”, which contained a solitary pink tablet. … Read more
  • Willard, Witchcraft & Isla Mechuque
    For this episode of Adult Storytime I decided to dig up an old tale that I wrote while in South America in 2010. It’s a semi-fictional mix of adventure, mythology and the questionable detective skills of the main protagonist, Willard. What parts are true? What aren’t? I’ll let you decide.  Willard was aggravated. A stout … Read more
  • Voyage into Vipassana
    Some years ago I journeyed to North Fork, CA on a mission to explore Vipassana, a meditation technique that has been around since the Buddha’s time, more than two thousand years ago. As usual I was impulsive, not fully informed and entirely unprepared for the experience; the perfect start to any story…