Tacos, Baja and Vipassana 2.0

After creating Taco Havoc for Halloween, I finally said goodbye to a hellish end of 2008 with an EPIC adventure to Baja, Mexico. 2009 blasted off in LA with unparalled energy; the majority of my time spent on a ‘so far sold out in ’09’ Mindshare. Another exciting development has been the creation of Mindshare Labs, a group of highly talented techies and scientists who create interactive installations for Mindshare and other events. On a personal level, February was a cleansing month: I completed my 2nd, 10 day Vipassana sit, did a 14 day Master Cleanse and gave a lot of possessions away to charity! And of course no winter would be complete without a little snowboarding 😉 Now I’m sitting in Dallas, getting ready to attend SXSW

A Post Summer Update!

Once again, months unfold – but the constantly rolling list of automatically-updated links above just doesn’t do the time justice – the written word is needed. But I’ll keep it simple… Mindshare: The monthly event that I host is the best ‘Enlightened Debauchery’ in LA 😉 EPICs: rugged camping trips throughout California and the southwest. My lovely mother got married to the enigmatic Ed Osgood in San Francisco. I turned 29 – time to get serious! Not feeling like much a TechNomad these days, but with a chill loft at the brewery, good friends watching nature documentaries and just a general good vibe I don’t feel it’s time to hit the road again… Yet.

And Here Comes Summer!

Damn, time flies – even keeping a monthly mini-log is proving a challenge. But on the other hand I’ve had a couple of big months, like presenting Tuxedo Travels at the Art Center Design Conference. Summer is fast approaching, spawning adventurous camping trips like the dunes of Death Valley and we’re already about to host our 4th Mindshare tomorrow! We’ve been getting some great press and are excited about making it bigger and better 😉 Stay tuned…