Racism, Drugs, Prison & Me

Happy Juneteenth! Wait, what? If you’re like me this is the first time you’ve heard that term. Well, there’s A LOT of things going on in the world right now so let’s dive right in! In this episode I cover everything from systemic racism to the War on Drugs. If you enjoy it, then please subscribe on any of your favorite podcast outlets — just search “Dougie Lux” — and consider picking up a copy of my new book, The Motorcycle & The MoleculeTranscript follows…

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Holotropics, Tantra & Blissballs

After a brief summary of the last month and a half of social distancing, I launch into a magical tale from the small lakeside town of San Marcos La Laguna in Guatemala, land of tantric body massage, holotropic breathwork and blissballs. If you enjoy this story, then please subscribe on any of your favorite podcast outlets. Just search “Dougie Lux” — or visit this link!

Just Belize In Yourself

Cave of the Crystal Maiden

“Everyone needs a little loving, a little regular physical touch sometimes, you know?” Once again I was on a boat, lamenting my shadowy feelings to my new Canadian friend, Brian.

“True. And yet some people seem to need it more than others,” Brian said with a hungover slur. He might be young, and he might have an alcohol problem, but nonetheless he was right.

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