The Unicorn Candy & The Virus

The day started off like any other pandemic day might, rifling through an old Burning Man box to see if I had any spare N95 masks to donate to our sparsely stocked hospital. I didn’t find any masks, but I did find a small envelope mysteriously labeled “Unicorn Candy”, which contained a solitary pink tablet. I seemed to remember that it had been a gift from a delightful fairy who’d fluttered into my life during a brief spell the previous year. What kind of candy did unicorns eat exactly? I wondered. I hadn’t asked what it was at the time, or if I had, I’d long since forgotten, but I was guessing their favorite snack was probably something pretty magical. Incidentally, earlier that morning I’d seen a Vice article that asked the question “You’re Socially Isolating. Is Now a Good Time to Trip on Psychedelics?”. Well, it’s Saturday, I thought. I don’t have any children, all my work for the foreseeable future has vanished, and there’s five thousand acres of wilderness behind my cabin. I never actually read the Vice article, instead I decided to open the envelope, pop the pill into my mouth, and find out the answer for myself. The Unicorn Candy quickly dissolved on my tongue, leaving the faintest hint of strawberry cotton candy.

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Shadows and Light in The Deserts of Nevada


THE BRIEF: I’m back in SoCal after a memorable roadtrip through the deserts of Utah and the southwest. Definitely more rough than imagined but valuable insights were gleaned 🙂 I’m relocating to the mountains near (but not too near) LA for a month near Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear area where I’ll continue to dive into some travel & fiction writing projects. I’m also looking forward to deepening my nature survival and backpacking skills!

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Goodbye 14 Day Juice Fast… Hello Fermentation Workshop!


So I broke my two week juice fast with a full day fermentation workshop and it was A-MAY-ZING! I learned lots of tricks for how to make tasty kefir, creamy cheeses, whey products, multiple flavors of kombucha and tons of sauerkraut and kimchi varietals. We got to sample all the goods and my gut flora is psyched about the fresh infusion of live, healthy bacterias!

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