The Tuxedos Get Aired on CNN!

Tuxedo Travels gets aired on CNN! See the video here! I’m finally heading back to Los Angeles tomorrow, completing a full around the world revolution. When I think back to all that’s happened this year I can honestly say this was the most unstable and non-stop year of my life. FANTASTIC! Nurturing California and a more chill 2008 awaits.

Ithaca, NY

I’m being a recluse this month, living up at my sister’s place in the woods of Ithaca, NY! I’m trying to breathe some life back into some neglected projects while avoiding the screaming masses. Although I do feel a trip to the city coming up 🙂

Completion of the Tuxedo Travels!

The robe clad delegates and their valiant steeds!

We successfully completed The Tuxedo Travels! After traveling over 6000 miles from Hong Kong to London in a tuxedo I’m taking a bit of a break. Over the next few months I’ll be slowly making my way back from London to Los Angeles, including a month or so in NYC. I’m working on getting back into, well, work and have returned with a renewed energy to continue developing FolioHub. If you’re feeling official, you can see my resume here…