Shadows and Light in The Deserts of Nevada


THE BRIEF: I’m back in SoCal after a memorable roadtrip through the deserts of Utah and the southwest. Definitely more rough than imagined but valuable insights were gleaned 🙂 I’m relocating to the mountains near (but not too near) LA for a month near Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear area where I’ll continue to dive into some travel & fiction writing projects. I’m also looking forward to deepening my nature survival and backpacking skills!

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Storytelling, Media and Los Angeles: The Megaphone of Culture


“We are [all] storytellers, sharing our perspectives and experiences through the art of media. Those who write the stories, influence the world. By transforming the predominant narrative, by being conscious with the influence of our media, we explore the possible shift of the story we are weaving together into one of triumph, cooperation, and celebration of humanity’s greatest potential as co-creators.” If you dig that sort of thing, check out the other themes of this interesting book: NOTE: Looks like it’s currently out of print but I’m trying to get in touch with them to see about a download link 🙂

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I’m in a Polyamorous Relationship with…


…California AND Oregon! Oooh, baby! While the last decade in CA drop kicked me into manhood through a series of unique projects, memorable adventures and even a few misadventures, OR soothed my rough edges with the sweetest people, verdant forests and countless meandering rivers. I miss you already, dear OR, and will return soon to continue our budding romance <3