Thos Less-than-Fresh Characters


OK so you’ve identified that you’re attracting a certain less than fresh, recurring type of character or situation in some area of your life.. . and you’re ready to break the pattern! What are your best techniques and practices for dealing with this?

I posed this question to my Facebook friends and here’s a few highlight responses to my question.

  • I try to identify the positive aspect that I’m getting from an overall negative pattern and then find OTHER ways to meet that need or desire. Sort of a karmic beta blocker.
  • 1. Shake Fist at Sky.. Scream.. Breathe.. Cry.. Throw-up. Get it out of your body & place it in front of you. 2. Go into Meditation & check in with Self & Inner Child.. let them speak.. listen deeply. They’re trying to get our attention. 3. Identify when this pattern has occurred before.. the first instance/feeling of this pattern. 5. Surround it in Love. 6. Acknowledge that the pattern does not serve you & cancel/rewrite the ‘contract’ of that pattern. Even if the pattern doesn’t make sense &/or there is no way to reframe it.. It is what it is & you can release it. Your ‘Signal’.. the ‘Frequency’ you’re Broadcasting is attracting this pattern. 7. Rinse.. repeat for other patterns. I feel certain patterns happen because we agreed to them.. mostly when we were children.. & many times unconsciously.. we formed a belief. Mindfulness & Self-Love is key.
  • Instead of focusing on what you don’t want to attract, define what type of character or situation you want to attract in your life, and be specific. Then use this as a guideline in your decisions…are you making a decision or living your life in a way that will attract what you DO want? When you start being conscious of what you really want and saying no to situations that aren’t in alignment, you start attracting more of what you do want.
  • Choose how you want to show up for yourself, your life, and others…commit to that choice…follow through with that commitment…every time.

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