Tacos, Baja and Vipassana 2.0

After creating Taco Havoc for Halloween, I finally said goodbye to a hellish end of 2008 with an EPIC adventure to Baja, Mexico. 2009 blasted off in LA with unparalled energy; the majority of my time spent on a ‘so far sold out in ’09’ Mindshare. Another exciting development has been the creation of Mindshare Labs, a group of highly talented techies and scientists who create interactive installations for Mindshare and other events. On a personal level, February was a cleansing month: I completed my 2nd, 10 day Vipassana sit, did a 14 day Master Cleanse and gave a lot of possessions away to charity! And of course no winter would be complete without a little snowboarding 😉 Now I’m sitting in Dallas, getting ready to attend SXSW