Free to Roam!

A Digital Nomad's Guide for the Post COVID Remote Worker

Free to Roam! by veteran digital nomad Dougie Lux is the definitive guide for remote workers looking to embrace adventure and take advantage of their newfound freedom.

The current estimates are there are 15.5 million digital nomads in the US and upwards of 35 million worldwide, and those numbers are growing fast! Most believe remote work is becoming the new normal, so there’s never been a better time to join the digital nomad revolution.

This Book is Perfect For Those Who:

  • Transitioned to remote work during COVID and are looking to take advantage of the opportunity.
  • Are interested in experiencing locations, new cultures, and adventures while saving money.
  • Don’t have dependents, are single, or have a partner who shares their adventurous aspirations.

Inside This Entertaining and Insightful Guide, You'll Learn About:

  • Determining which digital nomad style (if any!) are suitable for you.
  • Crafting an inspiring, successful itinerary.
  • The secrets to balancing work, play, and wellness as you travel the globe.
  • The expectations versus realities, and how to avoid common pitfalls in your nomadic journey.

PLUS: Tips on lodging, packing, daily routines, traveling solo or with a partner, apps and resources, learning languages, overcoming challenges, staying healthy, managing your money, dealing with taxes… and much more!

If you want to unleash your inner wanderlust, Free to Roam! is the ultimate guide to transforming your reality.

Basic Purchase Options

$9.99 — Kindle

$15.99 - Amazon

Variable pricing

Special Purchase Options

$29.99 — Signed 1st Edition Book

Signed copy by yours truly! NOTE: Custom inscription available at checkout if you’re purchasing it as a gift.

$99.99 — Bundle of FOUR Signed 1st Edition Books

Great for giving as gifts to remote worker friends & family! NOTE: Custom inscriptions can be optionally included at checkout.

$99.99 — Signed 1st Edition Book PLUS a One Hour AI Consulting Session

Signed 1st edition book PLUS a one hour AI consulting session. I will teach you how to use ChatGPT’s AI to make your work —and life!— easier. Questions?  Get in touch.

$499.99 — Signed 1st Edition Book PLUS AI Assisted Book Writing Sessions

Signed 1st edition book PLUS three hour long sessions resulting in a full, AI assisted non-fiction book outline—for a highly targeted audience, in a very specific tone that we define together. The final session is a tutorial on how to process the first chapter, section by section, using ChatGPT-4, empowering you to do the rest. 

NOTE: Additional chapter processing, human editing, print & eBook formatting, cover art, and uploading to Amazon and Kindle are NOT included but available as optional extras. Questions? Book a discovery call.

Who is Dougie Lux?

Dougie Lux is the alter ego of Douglas Campbell, a digital marketing consultant at ProjectFresh, and cofounder of the Los Angeles event series MindshareLA. After a yoga course in southeast Asia left him questioning his existence, Douglas began an identity experiment; he left his flashy life in Southern California behind and moved up to a wilderness community in Southern Oregon, where he learned carpentry and began restoring an old, off-the-grid cabin. In one of his proudest achievements, Douglas finally settled down enough to write his first book, The Motorcycle & The Molecule, under the pseudonym “Dougie Lux”, which hit Amazon five days before the COVID lockdown. It is a novel about his journey from L.A. to Oregon and subsequent explorations of Central America during the winter of 2018. The book tour still has yet to happen.

Free to Roam! is his second book, inspired by his many nomadic journeys and prompted by a fateful workshop in Austin in the springtime of 2023 that introduced him to non-fiction writing in collaboration with AI.

Douglas Campbell continues to work on digital marketing for entrepreneurs and startups. In contrast, Dougie Lux continues to write, and explore his untapped capabilities from various locations, while getting away with things that Douglas Campbell would never admit to doing.