This book takes you on an international journey, through intentional communities, and into alternative styles of living. Mayan rulers, janky motorcycles and mischievous beavers all make appearances in a tale that takes readers from southern Oregon through Central America.

Go On Adventures, Right From Your Armchair!​

Are you ready to GTFO of your house already but travel restrictions, sneezing lunatics, and vaccine passports are causing you stress? Well, now you can travel without leaving your home!

More than just a travel novel, The Motorcycle & The Molecule delves into the human experience and our desire for connection, reminding us that we are all beautifully flawed, masterpieces in progress.

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Who is Dougie Lux?

Dougie Lux is the alter ego of experience designer Douglas Campbell, cofounder of the Los Angeles event series MindshareLA and tech collective Syyn Labs. After a yoga course in southeast Asia left him questioning his existence, Douglas returned to the states and began a three year identity experiment; he changed his name to Dougie Lux, left his flashy life in Southern California and moved up to a wilderness community in Southern Oregon called Trillium, where he learned carpentry and began restoring an old, off-the-grid cabin. In his proudest achievement, Dougie finally settled down enough to write a book; The Motorcycle & The Molecule is a novel about his journey to Oregon and subsequent explorations of Central America. 

Actual Reader Reviews!

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“Buy the ticket, take the ride…This adventure story is well told, funny and mind expanding. The molecule in the title is LSD and that should tell you everything about how sideways some of the adventures go. The book is heartwarming and fun with endearing characters and some tense moments. I highly recommend this book to fans of: Kerouac, Hunter S. Thompson, travel diaries, Albert Hoffman, sex, ice cream and laughter.”
“Have you ever wondered what would happen if “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, “On the Road” and “The Motorcycle Diaries” had a bastard love child? Well wonder no more…Dougie Lux’s debut memoir “The Motorcycle & The Molecule” is a gonzo, psychedelic (and cacao) fueled romp thru the wild frontiers of intentional communities, polyamory and Central America. Lux’s book moves fluidly between hyperbolic autobiography, travelogue and social commentary and his prose are fluid, self reflective and filled with a joie de vivre that jumps off the page. Dougie’s clear zest for adventure and willingness to lean into the uncomfortable makes him a worthy guide to follow into the strange confluence of cultures and sub cultures that he explores with self deprecating humor and grace in this his freshman novel. Just like Dougie on the back of his trusty (kinda) motorcycle, I am so happy I took the ride!”
A wild, fun ride in all aspects! Through the jungles of the land, the thickets of the mind, adventures of the heart, and getting past first gear with a disintegrating clutch. Particularly captivating, besides the commitment to outlandish escapades and roping others in, is the connection we feel when Dougie opens his heart and shares what’s there. We instantly bond and connect with this open soul finding his way through life, honestly assessing what he chooses to create in life and being accountable for. Refreshing, fun, and a great reminder- when Loki appears, be open to what’s being offered…
“I am one of the book’s first readers. I started it on my way to Thailand while flying through Hong Kong when COVID was just starting to get attention in the states, and I finished it during my first few foggy days of jetlag recovery. All that made Dougie’s book even more engaging, pertinent, and surreal. It’s a great read that has fun while making one think and reflect, just like the author himself. I laughed out loud during several passages – that doesn’t happen to me very often with a book!”
“This is a great read! It’s a full size book, mine came autographed with a personal inscription and free digital download access…It’s a hilarious story, read by the author who is multi- faceted ranging from corporate frat boy to wanderlusting new age hippie. On his webpage you can see his cabin & cool van and arrange for telephone session with him which I think is really cool…full of good advice and willing to guide! Highly recommend this guy & his book…The Jack Kerouac of our times.”
“This is one of those books that’s so good, it’s hard to put down. Rich with witty perspective and mischievous hijinks, every chapter holds a little treasure of some kind or another- a wacky experience or kooky new character, an interesting pice of historical information, or a poignant insight into the human experience.

I laughed, I cried, I learned about the cultural and relational dynamics that have shaped us since time immemorial.

It’s a wild ride, and I can’t recommend it enough!”

“Dougie’s book delivers a timely and heartfelt tale – weaving together self exploration, musings on our current social issues, and possible visions for the future, all against the backdrop of a vulnerable and endearing look at someone figuring out their life in their 30s while traveling through Central America. Filled with personal stories of self transformation, introspection, and a slew of adventurous trials and triumph, I had a hard time putting this down. Thoroughly enjoyable, highly relevant to my own life, recommended for anyone interested in intentional community living, adventure travel, and issues we face as a global society. Well done Dougie, I’m a fan.”
“If you ever had the urge to drop everything and travel through Central America in search of something you just can’t name, this is the book for you. Dougie Lux goes looking for answers to help his community from being socially torn apart by beavers (really!) and ends up on a journey of introspection, fascination, joy, romance, and drug-fueled weirdness. Dougie’s style engaging and entertaining, and shifts effortlessly from breezy humor to deep insight and back again. And expect the unexpected, like a the magic of a Cacao Fairy, a mysterious stranger with a vial of LSD, and a late night treehouse game of penis limbo!”
“Dougie’s book, The Motorcycle and The Molecule, is a hilarious, thought provoking tale of international travel, human connection, mind altering mischief, and self-reflection.

Dougie found a way to enlighten and inspire his readers in an entertaining and witty fashion.

I brought this book with me on a 4-day solo camping/hiking trip. As a result, I did a lot less hiking than I planned in the first 2 days, because I couldn’t put this book down! I finished it in less than 48hrs! I immediately passed it on to a friend, who has been texting me several times a day to gush about the book.

Get yourself a copy of The Motorcycle and The Molecule! You’ll be happy you did.”

“For someone with the attention span of a fly, it was quite astounding to witness myself unable to put this book down. My quick 5 minute bedtime read turned into…”well I’ll just read one more chapter and then go to sleep.” I prefer to read non fiction because I enjoy feeling the satisfaction of learning something from what I’ve read and I loved how the book wove in facts with the stories. And the stories! So many layers of content in all of them. With so many interesting characters and places, I could really feel like I was on the journey with him. Now I am here sitting in anticipation of a sequel.”
“I listened to the audiobook version of this and it’s the PERFECT road trip book. It’s really good for getting in that perspective shift needed to stop simply going from point a to b and start exploring the territory.”
“This book is a ton of fun, especially if you’re old enough to be the author’s mom and had some similar experiences yourself when you were young. Dougie Lux is a thoughtful, self-reflective writer whose love of people and experience is infectious. He seems to be afraid of nothing and we can live vicariously through his fearlessness. I also appreciate that we share a favorite quote by John Lennon: Everything is going to be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end! Good job, Dougie!!”
“I loved the humor, honesty & wisdom which pervades this book! I think every person who’s sought to realize their dreams will enjoy Dougie Lux’s adventures of the heart & mind. I believe too that, by experiencing his graceful way of awakening to the realities of creating utopian visions, they will be encouraged to take up their own quest with both tempered expectations & renewed zeal~;-}>”
“Thoroughly entertaining read. Dougie’s relatable style playfully tosses the veil between absurdity and synchronicity. And just what is going on with the slightly grungy diamonds in the rough drinking magic cacao on this (sometimes) lonely planet?”
“If you’ve ever wondered about moving away from the city, quitting your money focused job, traveling longer than the social expectation of 2 weeks, or living in a modern day intentional community, this book it for you!”