Digital Nomads and the Future of Community

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Do you want to work remotely from exotic locations? NomadList is a fun place to start thinking about possible locations 🙂 Back in 2005 I was travelling & working as a web designer for western clients while hopping throughout asia. I called myself a technomad and lived out of cheap furnished apartments, hotels and internet cafes. It’s exciting to see 10 years later that many thousands of people are doing the same, referring to themselves “digital nomads”. Not as catchy as technomad, but it’s the same idea and more importantly it’s catching on: Digital Nomads just had their first conference and there are estimates that there might be as many at 1bn working remotely by 2035. See this link for the full presentation.

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Plan (and Document) your Adventures… on a MAP!

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For years I’ve created custom Google Maps for my projects. You can see The Tuxedo Travels or Cause It’s My Birthday for examples of how I’ve used them on past adventures. Thankfully Google has now made it easier than ever as a way to help plan a trip. When I’m traveling to a new place I just create a new map and begin researching places and asking friends where they think I should explore. Take this map for example, which I am in the process of making for my upcoming trip to Southeast Asia. I just throw all the pins right on the map, plus weblinks and descriptions in the pin’s “description” section. This style of visualization helps me plot my itinerary and also helps me not forget things as I travel around. Want to learn more about how to make your own? Read on!

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I’m in a Polyamorous Relationship with…


…California AND Oregon! Oooh, baby! While the last decade in CA drop kicked me into manhood through a series of unique projects, memorable adventures and even a few misadventures, OR soothed my rough edges with the sweetest people, verdant forests and countless meandering rivers. I miss you already, dear OR, and will return soon to continue our budding romance <3