Announcing the Trillium Project


This year I’ve been learning the ins and outs of community owned property and I’m incredibly excited to announce my latest collaboration: behold Trillium! Together with some of the founders of the Lucidity Festival, we are bringing to life a beautiful and inspiring land project outside of Ashland in southern Oregon. Trillium spans 80 acres and includes 17 existing structures spread across a scenic valley, meadows and raw wilderness. The land is nestled up against 3000 acres of old-growth forest that already includes 30+ miles of trails that weave through the pristine land. Trillium has exclusive water rights to the creek which flows through its valley until it meets the healthy Applegate river at the base of the property.

The vision for Trillium, which will be launching in early 2017, is to be a year round village with the capacity to be a permanent home for a number of residential partners as well as a part-time vacation home to many more supporting partners. Besides being a research  demonstration site for regenerative and off-the grid living solutions, Trillium will also feature an educational center, productive farm and a sanctuary. Trillium is already zoned for special events, retreats and workshops for up to a couple of hundred people so it’s the perfect home to ground the inaugural campus of Lucid University. For the last few years, LU has been hosting courses across a variety of departments including CreativeWorks, SpiritWorks, BodyWorks, CommunityWorks and EcologyWorks and I’m joining the team to assist in the curation, organization and management the offerings.

This is an amazing opportunity for all types of people to get involved and learn more about themselves, others and the world around them in deeper ways.

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