February 2011 / Updated Website & Very Late New Years Update



After returning from South America in late March 2010, I spent most of the year in sunny California, working on projects surrounding Mindshare LA and Syyn Labs. By late 2010, I decided to turn ProjectFresh away from being a vessel of unabashed self-promotion and toward the community, offering a new series of Los Angeles events called ProjectFresh Presents. Each month we gather people from around our vacuous city for a night of focused, action-oriented discussion; it has already garnered large crowds and a syndicated article from the LA Times. Accordingly, I have updated the ProjectFresh website and clarified its mission and projects – also listed below. My one egoic allowance is a single link to my own bio pageso if you’ve ever wondered about my checkered past and questionable present, I’ve outlined it briefly there.

As for my loving family: my sweet sister and NYC yoga guru, Sissy, got married to the handsome and charming Craig Stanton while my wildlife hero sister, Victoria, continues to fight for animals’ rights to a happy existence deep in the woods of Ithaca, NY. My eccentric mother, Jojo, and husband Ed Osgood continue to prove to us all that age is no barrier to high-energy, and even my dear father, Willard Jr., keeps me posted with email jokes and Glenn Beck tirades. I send you all my love.

Finally, the tardiness of this 2010 update is indicative of the tsunami of activity that early 2011 brought in; besides the large response to ProjectFresh Presents – prompting many new collaborations and a second night of cause-based movie screenings – Syyn Labs exploded into the New Year with a Fast Company article highlighting our recent Google project, the cover of BrandX, a local LA newspaper magazine and even a interview on CNN.

What will the rest of the 2011 bring? Of course I have my goals, but when the course is set with compassion and positivity, there is little need for a detailed map.

In striving to be the most compassionate and positive of shipmates, I send my fondest regards,

Dougie Fresh

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