“Know Thyself” and the Systems that Support You


The quote “Know Thyself” comes from an ancient greek aphorism and I don’t know of a more short and powerful directive. During unstable times, social structure is always at its most malleable. Historically powerful forces actually embrace (or even create) the chaos that brings fear and unrest as an opportunity to seize more control. But times like these also offer an equally huge opportunity for positive evolutionary shifts to emerge.

My intuition (and general common sense) tells me that we’re barrelling towards a series of climactic events. When I think about that state of politics, climate change and the economy I feel my fear being stoked and begin to grow when I’m feeling weak. As a result I am being steered away from things that leave me feeling weak and towards people, places and activities that strengthen my mind, body and spirit. As I educate myself to understand the systems that I depend on and strive for self-actualization, my outlook becomes more balanced and I see all of it as part of our next evolution. All of the joy and sadness, the destruction and regeneration of land and resources, the heroes and demagogues that vie for my attention – they’re all a part of the story, actors and plot lines that I acknowledge and learn from. But I am careful of what I pay the most attention too, as I repeatedly bear witness to how my inner reality consistently transforms into my physical realm. I can’t know what’s to come for sure so in the meantime I continue to explore my inner and outer worlds, prepare for the unexpected and collaborate with others who share my values as we brace ourselves for the wild waves of the imminent!

…And to turn that metaphor into action, I just took my first surfing lesson! My mind feels sharp and my body feels invigorated. I went with my buddy Dustin Boyer (who might still be flushing salt water out of his sinuses) and got taught by the one and only Gregory ‘G-style’ Scott …who was gracious enough to tell me that I didn’t suck! (So hit him up if you need a supportive teacher.) Speaking of supportive friends I’m grateful to return to Lisa Dewey’s magical goddess temple which I’m subletting for the month, providing a space to deepen my creativity and recover with some yoga, meditation and healthy food. And I think I’ll add a note on her fridge already adorned with notes and affirmations: “How can know myself more deeply today?”

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