Refuge on the Farm!

The Farm at Sunset

Tonight I find myself at an old refuge of mine, a cliff side cottage at an organic farm in the Sierras. I met the wonderful Kern family many years ago when I’d just started doing Vipassana mediation. They provide organic veggies to the North Fork mediation center and after the course I went to visit their farm …and have visited dozens of times in the years that followed.

I spent this evening reading through all of your birthday wishes and it conjured many memories of the amazing people that I’ve known in my 36 years. I feel so rich with friends and experiences and am truly grateful for all of them

When I’m down on myself I remind myself of the people that I have found along my path, like The Kerns. This loving family have seen me through many twists and turns of my life and have always welcomed me in like I was one of their own. Like many of you, the Kern’s have taught me how a family can be warm, welcoming and non-judgemental, dirty laundry and all! I mean this both literally and figuratively.

Regardless of what type of family we were born into, it’s liberating when we realize that we can find siblings, parents, and a giant extended chosen family in those who we surround ourselves with. And *together* we learn, we heal, we grow …and we LAUGH! Because it’s important to remember not to take any of this too seriously.

I saved a bunch of your birthay wishes for reading when I’m feeling not-so-fresh. And to quote one that made me laugh from the one and only Jason Porath: “Happy birthday senor Campbell! May the year bring you peace, insight, and a tiny wish-granting alien named Beeblefloop that teaches us all the true meaning of Christmas.”

May we all get a Beeblefloop for our birthdays! XOs for a wonderful week, friends & family heart emoticon

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