Yoga Training Begins on Koh Phangnan


When in doubt, invest in yourself! 2015 was a rocky year for me. My magical powers felt muted. My usual zest for life was sluggish. My creativity had that not-so-fresh feeling… Something was out of alignment and things kept falling apart until finally I’d had enough! I decided to pack my life into storage and kick 2015 firmly in its ass by heading to a small island in Thailand for 200 hours of yoga teacher training. Do I really want to be a yoga teacher? I have no idea. What I do know is that no matter what I do after this, I will have my own well being firmly rooted at the core of it. Only after I can take care of myself, can I truly take care of anyone else


My First Day Back in Bangkok. And it’s Still Beautifully Chaotic :)

Nothing like 16 hours of sleep to start any trip off right! I woke up at guns blazing and contact lenses glued to my corneas at 6am, determined to find the suitably name Temple of Dawn. Along the way I stumbled through some gritty back alleys which reminded me of the worst things I’d smelled since the last time I was here until I happened upon some of the finest mango sticky rice that I’ve ever tasted. I never actually found the temple but apparently it’s better for sunset anyway. What I did find was some prescription strength painkillers as my body is still in WTF mode from the recent onslaught of daily yoga. It wasn’t even 8am, and the day was just getting started.

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One Night in Phuket….


Leaving the always enjoyable Thailand for Ubud, Bali to continue my mission of health, wellness & spiritual pursuit… All on track *besides* a exceptionally excessive night on the town in on the town in Patong, Phuket. What an insanely hedonistic, excessively indulgent destination. Thanks for the reminder of why I’m cleaning up my act! Of course there were some highlights… Such as a night club that had a giant tiger DJ booth which shot lasers out of its mouth and this VR game which amped the players immersive experience by stall attendants grabbing and pushing them around at critical moments (like when swerving on the VR roller coaster!) Hilarious to watch 🙂 Time to move on…