It’s diet time again… This time for real though


What diet have you found that works for you? In particular I’m looking to stabilize my energy, get more lean and still have a healthy moral compass (meat &fish is an option but I’d still like to respect the water & energy it takes to produce my food and avoid unnecessary animal suffering and supporting over fishing…) Here’s a few top tips from some of my Facebook friends 🙂

  • A mix of paleo and Mediterranean. But the paleo part — no grains and good fats — is how you get lean. Good fats are good! That would be coconut, olive, avocado and nut oils. They keep you satiated. But avoid simple carbs like the plague.
  • Ayurvedic + Mostly Vegan for me. For any new habit to be effective, it takes at least 40 days of commitment and evaluation.
  • you can get good protein from brown rice + Lentils (dal) or beans . If you can digest Gluten, seitan is very tasty when made fresh. For fake meats Quorn products are probably my favorite. I’ve also got into unsweetened soymilk lately , dont miss the sugars in there at all
  • salad with minimal dressing for at least one meal a day. lean food for the other meal. no other food except those two meals. Cardio exercise.
  • Here’s the MOST IMPORTANT thing you need to know. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. A traditional vegan diet almost killed me. I needed a different diet. You need to dive into your genetics and figure out what people like you thrive on and don’t thrive on. Forget EVERYTHING else in this thread. I’ve told you what works for me. You need to experiment and see what really works for you. Minus the morality and pseudoethics and tribal pressure and all that crap. Figure out what works for you.

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