Goodbye 14 Day Juice Fast… Hello Fermentation Workshop!


So I broke my two week juice fast with a full day fermentation workshop and it was A-MAY-ZING! I learned lots of tricks for how to make tasty kefir, creamy cheeses, whey products, multiple flavors of kombucha and tons of sauerkraut and kimchi varietals. We got to sample all the goods and my gut flora is psyched about the fresh infusion of live, healthy bacterias!

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Walking Meditation and the Motorcycle Accident


It was a day of adventure, from Lod Cave to Pai Canyon! And after a body melting two hour coconut oil massage back in Pai, I decided to get some tea at the night market before walking home. As I walked I watched for any cravings I experienced as the aromatic smells of the food stalls wafted all around me. After one week of juice fasting, I’m impressed that I’m not feeling more tempted! I attempted to just enjoy witnessing the pleasure of others as they ate dumplings, grilled corn, and all sorts of fried and BBQd goodies. Humorously, I seem to be at ease in the extremes, but moderation remains so elusive! Step by step 🙂

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The Ketogenic Diet Experiment


It’s an exciting day to start a new lifestyle experiment!

After many years of “yoyo dieting” (I’ve gained and lost the same 40 lbs for about 20 years) I decided to gather advice from friends and online resources to see if I could pinpoint any converging trends I had yet to try. Unsurprisingly the recurring diet seemed to be centered around a low carb diet, but I was excited to find that many friends and online resources endorsing what is called a KETOGENIC diet. I put this Google document together as a starting point to help me give the diet a solid effort and to see if this lifestyle change would be the right fit for me.

Special thanks to Anders Hjemdahl, Ourhay Mego, Brendon Hoover and Michael Clive for the inspiration

I collected as many details as I could find into this Google Doc…