My 36th Birthday Challenge… To YOU!

It’s my 36th birthday and I’m super excited about it! Ever since I was 30, I decided to use my birthday as a time to give rather than to receive. Maybe some of you remember at the project that started it all: … So to ring in my 36th year I thought I’d ask for YOUR help in creating a love ripple far beyond my immediate circle! If you want to play here’s how it works…

1 – Take a moment to think of somebody who might need a little extra love right now, or somebody to whom you haven’t spoken in a while or with whom you have a rocky relationship. (Bonus points if the same person fits multiple categories!)

2 – After you’ve chosen that person, let them know that you’re thinking about them, as well as anything else you want to say. You can do it via Facebook, text message, email (1/2 a point for Twitter or deduct a point for Snapchat but BONUS point if you connect with a phone call. Do this for as many people as you like!

3 – Pat yourself on the back, YOU BOTH WIN THE GAME! And if you like, comment on this post about how it made you feel 🙂

I’m sending so much love for all the people who helped me grow as a person over the years. From my family, to my business partners and bosses to my friends and lovers… But especially to those of you who challenged me or even put obstacles in my path. It was you who helped me grow the most!

Have a wonderful day everyone <3

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