Reality, The Shadow Self and A List of Awesome Documentaries

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So you may not know this about me but I’m a little bit of a documentary junkie. Since I have some self-prescribed, mind-expanding time on my hands right now I decided to do a little research on where to find some good online docs… And I just discovered a motherload of consciousness poking and thought provoking documentaries.

Personally I’m currently exploring the concept of the shadow self, and how to bring all sides of myself into the light in order to accept and leverage them. Why the hell would I want to do that? To expand my perceptive abilities and feel more at ease with myself of course! So I decided to watch a recommended movie from a few years ago called “Love, Reality and the Time of Transition“. Far from being just a soft, gooey new age flick as the title might imply, it challenges the viewer to face their shadow self head on instead of just living in a reality in which we deny the aspects of ourselves (and of the world) which we don’t like or that make us feel uncomfortable.

While watching it I *definitely* felt a little defensive and uncomfortable at times, but as I learn how to welcome in my shadow self I am learning to appreciate things that make me feel this way 🙂 At any point I can choose to go deeper to figure out why something makes me feel uncomfortable or I can safely turn away. One way offers a greater understanding of myself while the other leaves my subjective reality intact. My recurring incentive to choose the former path is that just on the other side of my discomfort inevitably seems to lie a deeper sense of freedom from those exact feelings that were previously so uncomfortable. And that’s a pretty good thing, right?!

As an example of something that made me feel uncomfortable, there is a rather blunt critique of one of my favorite festivals called Lightning in a Bottle (with clips that actually feature a handful of my friends) but the point the film is making is important: that in a quest to “wake up” festival goers should not just focus on what feels good, but search out their personal shadows and not shy away from the real challenges of the outside world. I don’t know how many of these sort of festivals the director has been to, but I believe a growing number of participants are in fact doing just that. And many others are on the path towards it. His critique also seems a little contradictory in that the final video clip features Marianne Williamson bringing up the exact topics that the director says aren’t being discussed at festivals. But again, his overall message is an important one for every individual to consider if they’re on a quest for truth, light and love (or any of the words many of us often use).

The visuals of the documentary are great (in fact, the HD version would be great on mute with an ethereal musical track playing) and there’s LOTS of heady, thought provoking quotes to sink your brain into. I screenshot a few of the shorter ones just for funsies.

Toward the end, a quote from the largely narrated film provides a call to action. OK, so maybe it does get a *little* new agey… but the point is good: Heal yourself. Open your eyes. Connect and band together with people who remind you to be your highest self. And do stuff together to further the cause! Anyway, as usual critical thinking is always recommended with any content. But most importantly: stay curious! Happy viewing 🙂

“Many are called, few are chosen or choose to answer the call. Now is the time for the ones who feel “called” to ask themselves, what am I doing with my life, where is my attention and focus? Am I doing the best I can to help in this time of transition in terms on working on myself and seeking truth? Conscious Reality Creation happens when we are connected with our true self/higher self and we become a vessel for higher energies to work through us which are in alignment with the universe and one’s soul’s purpose, not the desires, wants and needs of the conditioned personality. If our actions and beliefs are in alignment with what IS, we become transducers of energies that not only benefit us individually but the world at large, bringing order out of chaos.

It is important that the ones who are sincerely engaged in seeking truth connect with others who are like-minded, so we become collinear and act as alarm clocks for each other, keeping each other awake and help in the process of separating truth from lies. A nucleus of truly conscious people, acting as conscious transducers of higher energies and seeing the universe as it sees itself, working towards objectivity, can provide the qualitative frequency resonance vibration that will create the template for the new world. The more people do this work consciously the better, but it is about quality over quantity.”

NOTE: DIYGenius also hase a playlist of 2015 docs here. I also recommend checking out (more popular science) and (more new agey / inspirational)

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