Some Deep Thoughts from Chiang Mai’s Bar Scene


So there’s this bar area in Chiang Mai that is called Zoe In Yellow. It’s a really weird name and it’s also a really weird bar experience. Imagine a food court of your typical mall, however it’s at street level and entirely outdoors and instead of food establishments each area is a different type of musical mini-club. So there is a reggae bar, there is the hip hop club, there’s the really really cheesy techno club, there’s a punk rock club and there is even a big band Cuban club. People move around as they want, unhindered, drinks in hand. It’s kind of like the perfect ADD night out. As you can imagine this was not the place that I expected to find a deep conversation about the nature of being human.

However I just had a conversation with a beautiful Thai girl that was one of the most heartfelt and deep conversations I’ve had in the last couple of months. Even with our language barrier we were able to acknowledge this interesting moment in time in which certain niches within our different cultures were beginning to wake up, each discussing what it meant to feel truly connected. We talked about our relationship with ourselves, others and with the world around us. At a certain point we stopped taking all together and just smiled at each other. All of a sudden the world felt a lot more cozy and I felt a wave of warm comfort wash over my entire body. As it turns out, there is a connection beyond language that unites us. And in that moment I know that all is well and the future of our humanity is right on schedule

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