Some Deep Thoughts from Chiang Mai’s Bar Scene


So there’s this bar area in Chiang Mai that is called Zoe In Yellow. It’s a really weird name and it’s also a really weird bar experience. Imagine a food court of your typical mall, however it’s at street level and entirely outdoors and instead of food establishments each area is a different type of musical mini-club. So there is a reggae bar, there is the hip hop club, there’s the really really cheesy techno club, there’s a punk rock club and there is even a big band Cuban club. People move around as they want, unhindered, drinks in hand. It’s kind of like the perfect ADD night out. As you can imagine this was not the place that I expected to find a deep conversation about the nature of being human.

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Digital Nomads and the Future of Community

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at [January 29]12.05 AM

Do you want to work remotely from exotic locations? NomadList is a fun place to start thinking about possible locations 🙂 Back in 2005 I was travelling & working as a web designer for western clients while hopping throughout asia. I called myself a technomad and lived out of cheap furnished apartments, hotels and internet cafes. It’s exciting to see 10 years later that many thousands of people are doing the same, referring to themselves “digital nomads”. Not as catchy as technomad, but it’s the same idea and more importantly it’s catching on: Digital Nomads just had their first conference and there are estimates that there might be as many at 1bn working remotely by 2035. See this link for the full presentation.

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Refuge on the Farm!

The Farm at Sunset

Tonight I find myself at an old refuge of mine, a cliff side cottage at an organic farm in the Sierras. I met the wonderful Kern family many years ago when I’d just started doing Vipassana mediation. They provide organic veggies to the North Fork mediation center and after the course I went to visit their farm …and have visited dozens of times in the years that followed.

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