The Path to Self Love


Inspired by a conversation last night with Kay Arutyunyan, today’s topic for exploration: SELF LOVE! Perhaps you’ve always had it. Perhaps you had it, lost it, and then relearned it. Perhaps you’re somewhere in the middle! From my experience it seems that I can only love others as much as (or less than) I love myself …so deep self love seems like a worthy skill to master! WHAT ARE YOUR BEST PRACTICES AND LESSONS FOR BECOMING A MASTER OF SELF LOVE? (Here’s a few highlight responses from this great list of comments on the Facebook Post.)

  • Listen to Abraham Hicks
  • Refer to yourself in the 3rd person
  • Think about being your own mommy. Contemplate what would you do to take basic care of a small child & do that for yourself – including feeding yourself frequently & getting plenty of sleep 🙂
  • Be your own best friend.
  • Gratitude lists. Paying attention (NOT judging) and journaling when negative thoughts come in, daily meditation or any other personal work you love. DOing work on self, putting the time in to be, learn more and be greater and stronger in all kinds of ways, in other words valuing yourself will make it more likely that you will love yourself in a natural way.
  • Meditate
  • I think it starts with trusting your own brain. I’m not the biggest fan, but there’s a few nuggets of gold in this video from Alan Watts.
  • Listening to all the parts of you… As you would your dearest friend, as you would your own child, with respect as you would your grandparent…
  • When you can cultivate compassion for all living things, then all you have to do is remind yourself that you are a living thing, too.

Plus check out the original post for a whole list of books on happiness and more!

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